Excellence in Professional Regulation pilot program

The Excellence in Professional Regulation program delivers learning programs and artefacts across 3 streams: regulatory practice essentials, mastering regulatory practice and leading a regulatory system.

Regulatory practitioners in the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and other APS regulators are trialling and evaluating training initiatives to inform rollout across the APS.

A Steering Group, co-chaired by the Department of Finance and the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), is coordinating efforts to ensure the pilot program draws on existing regulatory capability. It supports building skills and professional development across Commonwealth regulators. The pilot program aligns with the broader objectives of the APS Academy to foster an APS-wide culture of learning, building core public sector capabilities and driving performance.

Regulatory Practice Essentials

The Regulatory Practice Essentials learning program provides new starters and ongoing regulatory staff with essential skills, knowledge and tools to be effective regulatory practitioners.

Mastering Regulatory Practice

Offerings under the Mastering stream support promising regulatory practitioners in their career to build overall capability, paving the way for effective leadership and regulatory stewardship. This also provides opportunity to identify avenues for professional recognition.

Leading a Regulatory System

The Leading stream supports senior executives in shaping regulatory organisations and culture.

How can I get involved?

For more information, including opportunities to contribute to the design or participate in future offerings, please contact regulatorycapability@apsc.gov.au.