Productivity Enhancing Regulatory Reforms

We are working with State and Territory Governments to remove unnecessary duplication across regulatory frameworks to help consumers access a better and cheaper range of goods and services and reduce compliance costs for business.

Reform of State and Territory fundraising laws

Led by the Commonwealth and Victoria, participating States and Territories are developing national fundraising conduct requirements, for consideration by the CFFR.

Fundraisers (charities, not-for-profits and for-profit fundraisers) must comply with different conduct requirements in each State and Territory, which are often inconsistent and out-dated. Streamlining fundraising conduct requirements will benefit fundraisers through straightforward compliance measures. For more information please contact

Improving national consistency of Working with Children Checks

The Commonwealth will consult with the States and Territories to further improve national consistency of Working with Children Checks (WWCC).

Requirements for WWCC vary across jurisdictions, creating risks for child safety and undue burden on individuals and businesses (particularly those that operate nationally or in multiple jurisdictions). There is an opportunity to improve national consistency of WWCC frameworks to make children safer and reduce the regulatory impact on business.

The Commonwealth is working with jurisdictions to develop options for national reform to enhance child safety and reduce regulatory barriers around WWCC. Following Council of Federal Financial Relations consideration, reform options will be developed as a joint responsibility between all governments. Any reform options would not reduce the standards for WWCC as the safety of children remains paramount.

For more information please visit

Simplifying Payroll Tax Reporting

The Simplifying Payroll Tax Reporting project is exploring a RegTech solution to reduce compliance costs to business associated with payroll tax reporting, by sharing Single Touch Payroll (STP) data with states and territories.

Building on lessons learned from a 6-month Pilot exercise that concluded in September 2022, the Australian Government is currently working with the States and Territories to design and cost a solution capable of delivering the intended benefits to business for consideration by CFFR in 2023.