New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) regulatory system assessment

MBIE’s role in regulatory system stewardship, across these regulatory systems includes the use of a system of assessment of regulatory systems and regulatory charters. Regulatory system assessments are described below.

MBIE undertakes a program of assessment based on best practice and past regulatory failures.

Regulatory system assessments provide an insight into how well a regulatory system (the legislation, policies, and regulators) is working at a point in time. They are not an analysis of what the rules should be, or a full assessment of the strategies and capabilities of the government agency involved.

Assessments are conducted by a small team of staff who conduct interviews and workshops with people involved in all parts of the system at all levels. The feedback from system participants is then mapped against a set of assessment criteria based on lessons/experience and other good regulatory practice guidance. MBIE releases comprehensive public summaries of the assessment.


Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (last updated 17 December 2019). Our assessment of regulatory systems. Retrieved from Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Available at:

Prepared for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet by Nous Group.