The Policy Lab

The Policy Lab was established in the Department of Finance (Finance) in October 2022.

This Lab sits within the Regulatory Reform Division of Finance and is responsible for regulation-related policy research, analysis and development. It is a centre of excellence and innovation in regulation design and practice across the Australian Public Service. 

The Policy Lab is currently developing its work plan for 2023.  It seeks to build the capability of Australian Government regulators and policy makers through applied economic research and analysis, and knowledge dissemination.
Closely engaged with a wide range of stakeholders to understand and address regulatory problems, the Policy Lab aims to deliver better outcomes for the Australian community.

This is achieved by:

  • providing a forum for open discussion on regulatory problems and opportunities for change; 
  • fostering networks, collaborations and partnerships between academics and policy makers; 
  • synthesising data and evidence to improve our understanding of regulatory issues and to inform our advice to the Australian Government; and
  • release of publications on cutting-edge issues on regulatory economics, design and practice. 

The Policy Lab supports the work of the Regulatory Reform Division as the central point for policy discussion and analysis. A key focus of the Policy Lab is enabling the translation of early policy ideas into practical reform actions.

The key stakeholders include:

  • regulators and government agencies
  • academic and research institutions
  • peak bodies
  • non-government organisations
  • businesses and regulated industries, and
  • consumers.

The Policy Lab believes that a solid evidence base and collaboration with others are essential to good regulatory policy making. Bringing regulatory reform policies together through the Policy Lab enables the team to provide innovative and robust advice to the Australian Government.

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